About Organizational Development

About Organizational Development

In a world increasingly plagued by cultural misunderstandings, civil strife, conflict and war, most are at a loss in regards to ascertaining a point of departure to address these maladies. Tabah Projects aims to bring about solutions to global and regional crises, one step at a time. Tabah Projects seeks to meet its goals via best practices of management methodologies informed by the highest Islamic ethical principles, whereby a new standard for Islamic development projects can be forged.

The Vision

To be a leader in project management and consulting for Islamic oriented projects based in the Muslim world and beyond.

The Mission

To provide first rate project management and consulting services to Islamic projects that seek to improve a facet of people's everyday lives.


  • To take on projects that aim to improve the level of Islamic discourse, in an effort to serve the overall mission, vision and objectives of the Tabah Foundation.
  • To execute Islamic projects to success, where success is defined as not only technical execution, but also adding tangible value as a result of the successful conclusion of a project.
  • To work effectively with other Tabah divisions (Research, Media and Administration), fostering therein a collaborative team spirit, leveraging all of Tabah's talent and expertise to deliver the best products and services.
  • To execute projects within budget and on-time.
  • To actively seek new project opportunities and sources of funding.

The Projects division of the Foundation provides strategic consulting and project management services for projects throughout the world which serve the Foundation's mission. Examples include learning institutions, social services, and television programs.

Support Us

Support Us

Through your support, you contribute towards enhancing awareness of Islamic issues and initiatives all over the world as well as the people supporting these issues and initiatives. In your commitment to do so, you inspire others to participate in the process of innovation and change.