Dar al-Mustafa - Tarim

Dar al-Mustafa - Tarim

Dar al-Mustafa is a school for the study of traditional Islamic sciences based in the city of Tarim, Yemen. It was initiated in 1994 (1414 ah) by its founder and Dean, Habib Umar bin Hafiz.

The Tabah Foundation will seek to develop the administrative and financial functions of the school.


  • Develop the Finance department to achieve integrated financial transparency and financial sufficiency;
  • Achieve and increase student service resources;
  • Identify economizing steps and lay a plan to re-distribute expenses at adequate quotas;
  • Design a plan to increase donations and a draft/ implement plan to provide necessary financial needs;
  • Full empowerment of the schools executive management and board of directors;
  • Reach an updated and efficient leadership structure;
  • Solicit students;
  • Establish an endowment fund for the organization;
  • Raise the overall standards of the school (Infrastructure, students, salaries and incentives);
  • Obtain a license to issue recognized certificates; and
  • Obtain an international management certificate.


  • Reconstruction of accounts manual, identification of cost centers and preparation of opening budget for the school
  • Selection of an accounting system that satisfies the needs of Finance Section;
  • Restructuring the document cycle and starting registration of daily operations and movements under the new program; and
  • Inventory of Dar Al Mustafa fixed assets and stores and entering them in the new accounting system.
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