Mahabba Awards Organization

Mahabba Awards Organization

Given the success and growing popularity of the Mahabba Awards it was decided by the board of trustees that an official organization be incepted that will overlook the complete running of the awards, from event management to supporting functions such as accounting and marketing. Tabah Foundation has taken on the responsibility of coordinating this effort, and will endeavor to work with consultants and partners to bring this project to fruition.


  • Help Executive Leadership Team execute the Mahabba Awards Mega-Event for April 2010.
  • Transform Mahabba Awards from a project reliant on individual passion & volunteers to a highly successful, global standard Social Enterprise
  • Help attract funding for long term sustainability & continuous improvement.
  • Help Executive Leadership Team execute a communications plan to drive Mahabba awareness regionally then globally.
  • Maximize entrees by artists from all across the world.
  • Maximize sharing of artistic entrees across the World.
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