Dar Al Hikmah - Brussels

Dar Al Hikmah - Brussels

The European Academy for Islamic Culture and Science was inaugurated in 1997 in Brussels in order to enable students, during 4 academic years, to acquire a solid foundation Islamic sciences and culture within the framework of the traditional Islamic approach.

Subjects studied include Quranic studies, theology, hadith, jurisprudence, history and Arabic language, all of which are taught through established scholarship as based upon the traditional transmission system.

The Tabah Foundation cooperates with the Academy and provides support and assistance in formulating a viable method of operation for the academy, administration and financial areas and the establishment of an endowment fund for achieving its major objectives.



  • Completed an initial evaluation and feasibility study; 
  • Determined the legal position of the Academy; 
  • Annual Budget for 2008;
  • Strategy Plan for 2008;
  • Appointment of a qualified teacher; 
  • Financial support for the running of the Academy;
  • Follow up of the finalization of the new building for the Academy.


  • Official inauguration of the Academy's new premises;
  • Financial support for the running of the Academy;
  • Finalized legal draft for the Sahnoun Foundation;
  • Completion of a study into the endowment by a specialist company;
  • Participation of some of the Academy's students in the annual Dar al-Mustafa summer program.
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