College of Islamic Studies - Sanaa

College of Islamic Studies - Sanaa

College of Islamic Studies - Sanaa

The College of Islamic Studies in Sana'a, Yemen was officially established and inaugurated in 2008 to the welcome of many in Yemen's capital city. The college is under the supervision of the reputed Dar al-Mustafa school in Hadramawt and benefits from having teachers from the school present on campus full time.

The college is primarily focused on the teaching of sciences related to Islamic law, theology and other topics in addition to contemporary subjects related to psychological and behavioral sciences and technology.


The curriculum taught in the college is grounded in authentic Islamic scholarship as exhibited by the traditional Islamic schools of law and theology, namely the four schools of jurisprudence and the two schools of creed, and, when necessary, other schools of thought.

Nature of Study

The college will function in its normal capacity as a campus based establishment with a view in the future to expand by opening an external branch that shall be incorporated into the existing campus' mode of operation. Consideration will also be paid to the concept of remote study, where a Virtual College of Islamic Studies will be established to provide web-interfaced teaching programs that utilize modern technologies and advances in network education, communications and internet.


  • Preserve the traditional Islamic method of teaching, namely the chain of transmission system which extends back to the original sources of law and knowledge in the religion.
  • Keep in touch and apace with the contemporary world and the modern age through the offering of knowledge on different fronts.

2009 Tasks

  • Procure funding for the maintenance and running of the college;
  • Supervise the continuation of the mosque and teaching facilities.


  • Official inauguration of the College (in 2008)
  • Completion of the building, which includes a prayer hall for females and housing facilities.
  • Regular classes, Friday prayers/sermons and night prayer during the month of Ramadan.
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