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Delegation of the European Union Visits Tabah

On Monday 19 December, Tabah Foundation hosted a special visit from the Delegation of the European Union to the UAE.

Birthday of Prophet: The Ardour of the Emirates

In the atmosphere of love and tolerance that the United Arab Emirates experiences on the occasion of the Prophet’s blessed birthday s, the Tabah Foundation held a presentation entitled “The Prophet’s Birthday s: The Ardour of the Emirates” in the Capital Abu Dhabi, given by researcher and poet Thāni al-Muhairī.

Canadian Ambassador Visits Tabah

On Sunday 4th December 2016, Tabah Foundation was pleased to receive Ambassador of Canada to UAE, Masud Husain

Ambassador-at-Large for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Processes for UN Visits Tabah

On Tuesday 29 November 2016, Tabah Foundation was pleased to receive Mr. Pekka Metso, Ambassador-at-Large for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Processes at the Unit for UN and General Global Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

The Moroccan Experience in Restoring Religious Discourse to an Authentic Approach

Lecture by Dr. Ahmad Abbadi in Tabah Intellectual Tent. A hexagonal intellectual geometry summing up the themes of the Moroccan experience .

Hasan Spiker Presents Original Research in Ottoman Kalam Conference

Hasan Spiker, Tabah Assistant Research presents original research in the Ottoman Kalam Conference

Tabah‘s Futures Initiative Releases a Landmark Report on the Attitudes of Arab Muslim Millennials on Religion and Religious Leadership

The Futures Initiative at Tabah Foundation will be releasing the results for a landmark survey on how Arab millennials are thinking about their faith in the midst of the immense changes and developments in the region and the world.

Lessons from East Asia - Should the Arab World Turn East?

Tabah Foundation welcomed Dr. Shaojin Chai, a senior researcher at the Ministry of Culture in the UAE and former lecturer in Zayed University and American University of Sharjah, to give two lectures on examining the native cultural models of East Asia and the challenges faced by East Asian nations in retaining their cultural identities and indigenous values throughout modernization.

Tolerance & Coexistence in the 21st Century from Abu Dhabi

Symposium organized by the foundation on Dr. John Morrow's study titled 'The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World'

Tabah Foundation Senior Fellow presents at the Program on Medicine and Religion

Tabah Senior Fellow, Jihad Hashim Brown, participated in the Initiative on Islam and Medicine Working Group at the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics

Islam’s Ban on Child Combatants, Latest Article by Sh. Musa Furber

Islam’s ban on child combatants, latest article by Sh. Musa Furber published in AlArabiya News

Seminar: The Rationality of Islamic Tradition within the Context of Contemporary Thought

In an event featuring the former Grand Mufti of Egypt, Habib Ali Al-Jifri, Chief of the Board of Tabah, the Libyan Ambassador, a group of professors from Zayed University, as well as distinguished religious and scholarly figures, Tabah Foundation held a seminar on The Rationality of Islamic Tradition within the Context of Contemporary Thought. The seminar focused on the approaches of modernists and postmodernists vis-à-vis intellectual and Islamic traditions. It tackled the classical integration between theoretical and applied sciences.

Tabah Participates in Abu Dhabi Tawdheef Recruitment Exhibition

Tabah Foundation participation in the recruitment exhibition, Tawdheef 2013, which took place in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from Jan 29-31.

The Islam women were promised - Article posted by Musa Furber in Washington Post

Latest article by Sh Musa Furber, a research fellow in Tabah Foundation, published in January 2013 in The Washington Post

Release of new analytic paper: Reducing the Role of Decision-Making Biases in Muslim Responsa

The new paper presents errors in the process of issuing fatwa and proposes solutions for reducing such errors and improving the accuracy of fatwas.

Chairman of Tabah Management Board participates in the 6th Annual Convention of Islamic Callers to Islam

Participation of Habib Ali Al Jifri as part of the activities and proceedings of the Sixth Annual Convention of Muslim Da‘wah Workers held in Tarim-Hadramawt

Two articles by Sheikh Musa Furber, published in several Arabic and International newspapers

Two articles written by Sheikh Musa Furber, a researcher at Tabah Foundation, are published in several Arab and international newspapers

Habib Ali tours UK for -Muhammad: Master of Change, Upon him be Peace-

A brief report on Al Habib's UK tour in May 2012, organized by Radical Middle Way.

Tabah Foundation’s Senior Scholars in -The Muslim 500- Annual List

Members of Tabah Foundation’s senior scholars board were recently ranked among the top 50 most influential Muslims in the world in ‘The Muslim 500’ annual list prepared by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies in Jordan.

Sh Musa Furber Cited in "The National"

Sh Musa Furber was sourced for commentary on two important topics published in 'The National'.

Tabah publishes summer edition of Clarity

Tabah publishes the summer edition of its newlstter "Clarity"

Sh. Walead Mosaad participates in “International Dawah Conference” in Singapore

On July 11-12th, Walead Mosaad, the Education and Culture manager at Tabah, participated in the “International Dawah Conference” hosted by the Muslim Convert Association of Singapore.

Sh. Musa Furber attended: Where Religion, Policy, and Bioethics Meet

On April 10–11, 2011, Musa Furber (Research Associate), attended "Where Religion, Policy, and Bioethics Meet," a conference on Islamic bioethics held at the University of Michigan

Invitation to attend event on -Muslims in the Future-

Tabah is delighted to invite you to attend “Muslims in the Future: Findings and Analysis’ from the Pew Report on the Global Muslim Population in 2030” on Tuesday, 7th of June, 2011.

Tabah Offcially Launches: Beyond Flak Attack

Tabah Foundation officially launched it’s latest publication, “Beyond Flak Attack: A New Engagement with the Newsroom”, in Abu Dhabi on May 3rd 2011.

Visit by Mawlana Sibghatullah Mojaddedi to Tabah Foundation

The first president of Afghanistan after Soviet occupation and premier Islamic scholar, Mawlana Sibghatullah Mojaddedi visited the offices of Tabah Foundation on Thursday, April 28th

Tabah launches its latest publication 'Flak Attack'

Tabah Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its latest publication 'Flak Attack' at the Shangri-La Ballroom in Between the Bridges on the 3rd of May at 7:30 pm.

Tabah Foundation Participates in Fez Summit 2011-03-17

Walead Mosaad, Cultural and Education Project Manager, attended the 3 day summit held in Fez, Morocco entitled “Towards an Alliance of the Middle Way,

Tabah on social media networks

You can now follow Tabah on social media networks and keep up with the latest news

Abaas Chaudhry at NYU Abu Dhabi

Tabah Foundation staff member Abaas Chaudhry and the Imam of NYU’s Islamic Center, Khalid Latif, took part in a discussion at New York University Abu Dhabi

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