Supporting Tabah Foundation

Your supporting of Tabah Foundation is an acknowledgment of responsibility towardsthe things which concern you and the world around you.

Through your support, you contribute towards enhancing awareness of Islamic issues and initiatives all over the world as well as the people supporting these issues and initiatives. In your commitmentto do so, you inspire others to participate in the process of innovation and change.

The Tabah Foundation is a non-profit organization that attempts to give suggestionsand recommendations to opinion makers in order that they assume a wise approachthat is beneficial to society, it also sets up practical projects that serve the exaltedvalues of Islam and bring out its splendor as a civilization . Through such attempt, weset new standards and moral criteria for the systems employed in institutional work.

If you represent a company or an organization, you can help us through providingresources, expertise and technical knowledge.

You can support our work by:

  • Conveying our philosophy to others.
  • Getting us in contact with people you know who can support our work.
  • Volunteer
  • Offer material or moral support, such as offering equipment, services, giving usadvertisement space, or by inviting us to a TV program.
  • Making a financial contribution