Musa Furber - Rights Pertaining to Kept Animals

Rights and Duties Pertaining to Kept Animals

Animals are at the heart of many of today’s heated ethical and legal debates. This paper presents a survey of Qur’anic verses and prophetic narrations related to kept animals, and a study of one school’s application of this evidence to the topic of kept animals. This ethical and legal study throws into relief some of the mechanism of madhhab based jurisprudence and fiqh reasoning. This study serves as a basis for understanding and applying Islamic moral theology to the numerous contemporary issues related to kept animals.
Author, Musa Furber, will be presenting the ideas of this paper recently published by Tabah Foundation, with an open discussion about the topic at the end of the presentation.

About the Author

MUSA FURBER is a Senior Research Fellow at the Tabah Foundation. He studied the various Islamic Disciplines in Damascus, where he received a license to teach the Shāfi‘ī school of law. He then studied at Dar al-Ifta in Cairo, where he received a license to deliver legal edicts (fatwas) from Sheikh Ali Gomaa. He also has a BA in Applied Linguistics from Portland State University (Oregon, USA), and a Masters in Public Administration from Dubai School of Government.

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Tuesday 14 March, 2017
7:30-9:00 PM
Language: English, with Arabic Translation