Mujaddadi in Tabah

Visit by Mawlana Sibghatullah Mojaddedi to Tabah Foundation

The first president of Afghanistan after Soviet occupation and premier Islamic scholar, Mawlana Sibghatullah Mojaddedi visited the offices of Tabah Foundation on Thursday, April 28th, and was received by Habib Ali al-Jifri, the General Director, Wassim Khashoggi, CER Director, Walead Mosaad, Education and Culture Manager, and Abaas Chaudhry, Associate Project Manager. Accompanying Mawlana Mojaddadi was his son and ambassador of Afghanistan to the UAE, HE Dr. Najibullah Mojaddadi.

Mawlana Mojaddadi served the jihad against Soviet troops in the 1980’s and was selected as the first President of Afghanistan after the exodus of Soviet troops from the country. He served for a previously agreed upon term of two months, at which point he voluntarily relinquished power in order to avoid the infighting that arose between the various Afghani factions after the Soviet occupation.

During the visit to Tabah, the situation of Muslims in Afghanistan was discussed, as well as the efforts undertaken for reconciliation and to bring stability and prosperity to the country. Mawlan Mojaddedi was also introduced to Tabah Foundation activities and areas of interest.