Tabah Offcially Launches: Beyond Flak Attack

Tabah Foundation officially launched it’s latest publication, “Beyond Flak Attack: A New Engagement with the Newsroom”, in Abu Dhabi on May 3rd 2011. The author, Nazim Baksh, and Hassan Fattah, Editor-in-Chief of The National, were in attendance and presented their ideas on the dynamics of Muslim-media engagement. They both called for an appreciation of the role of media and how Muslims can change the story if the story is not reflective of Islam’s nature. They explored how this change can take place and offered some insightful suggestions on ways in which we can move beyond simple flak.

Also in attendance were Khairi Ramadan, a broadcast journalist and prominent news affairs commentator from Egypt, and Sohail Nakhooda of Kalam Research, Dubai. Both offered their remarks and reflections on the proceedings of the event.

Full proceedings of the event will be available on our website soon, please check back for updates.

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Tabah launches its latest publication: Flak Attack

Tabah Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its latest publication ‘Flak Attack’ at the Shangri-La Ballroom in Between the Bridges on the 3rd of May at 7:30 pm.
( Attendance by invitation only)

Flak Attack is a Tabah Foundation essay that is geared towards Muslim media professionals, activists, scholars and those interested, who are alarmed at today’s headlines and would like to engage the mass media in the hope of balancing it’s predominantly negative reporting with positive stories pertaining to Islam and Muslims.

Key speakers in the event are:

Nazim Baksh, A broadcast correspondent with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation
(CBC) and a Canadian Journalism Fellow at Massey College, University of Toronto.

Hassan Fattah, Editor in Chief of The National, a leading English newspaper daily in
the UAE.

Dr. Hessa Lootah, PHD holder in Mass Communications, from Ohio University, USA, Associate Professor at the UAE University and the Head of Mass Communications Department between 2000 and 2004.

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