The memory of a great scholar who had lived and died in Dalma Island

On March 15th, the NYU Abu Dhabi with the collaboration of Dalma Museum had held a lecture in the Museum’s Majlis by the researcher Thani Almuhairi from Tabah foundation. He had revived the memory of a great scholar who had lived and died in Dalma Island, The Sheikh Saif bin Bat’han.

The Main points of the lecture were:
– How did the lecturer hear about Ibn Bat’han.
– What did he find about him in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
– The scholars who belongs to his class.
– His poems and his works in Dlama.

The researcher Thani Almuhairi who is a poet as well, had read and explained some of the poems of Ibn Bat’han, and he had discussed the ideas in the poems with the audience. Six People who were interested in the topic have attended the lecturer. That helped them in understanding the different aspects of the life that were in Dalma Island y connecting the stories they heard from their grandparents with the new information from the lecture.

The Understanding Extremist Violence in the Middle East and Beyond Symposium

Professor Naved Bakali invited to speak at the Understanding Extremist Violence in the Middle East and Beyond Symposium, hosted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, at NYU Abu Dhabi. Papers were presented from experts from the US, Russia, France, and the UAE. Dr. Bakali’s paper problematized countering violent extremism programming and proposed alternative models.

Tabah Rep at INSEAD Business School in Abu Dhabi

Tabah Futures Initiative’s Abaas Yunas was invited by INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools, to lecture two global Executive MBA classes on the topic of “Contemporary Perspectives on Islam.” The lectures were aimed at helping students to understand the place of religion in the contemporary Muslim world through discussions on definitional problems associated with understanding religion today, religious identity, the tripartite foundation of Islam, religious reform, and prospects for religion in the future.

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Tabah Futures Initiative Latest Report: Parallels between Far-Right and Muslim Religious Ideological Extremism

Countering religious ideological extremism in Muslim countries has been a relevant and important issue in the Muslim world and the West for a number of years. However, there are other forms of extremism, which are often overlooked and pose an equally serious threat to our societies. Far-right extremist movements have become increasingly popular in North American and European societies. Oddly enough, these far-right groups echo a number of similar claims that Muslim extremist groups propagate. This research brief examines the growth of far-right extremism and draws parallels to Muslim religious ideological extremism. Through examining these parallels this report provides insights into the ideological underpinnings of extremist thought from these differing strands and will discuss implications for countering violent extremism policies for both of these forms of extremism.

You can download full report here

Islamic Education in UAE: Strengths, Gaps, and Opportunities

On October 22nd, 2018, Tabah Futures Initiatiave  launched its latest report “Islamic Education in UAE: Assessment of Strengths, Gaps, and Opportunities”. The launch event was held in Tabah Tent in Abu Dhabi.

Islamic Education at the elementary and secondary school level has become the primary means through which generations of Muslim children in the Arab region are learning about their religion. In many cases, school-based learning is the only means of direct religious instruction that young people receive. As a result, contemporary Islamic Education curricula and pedagogy bear an immense responsibility for shaping religious identity that was in previous generations more evenly distributed across society. This responsibility has been amplified and increased due to the problems of religious extremism with which the region has been afflicted over the last two decades. This report discusses the findings of the Tabah Futures Initiative study of Islamic Education in the UAE. Informed by a series of in-depth interviews with professors, consultants, school administrators, teachers, and parents, this report provides unique insights on some of the opportunities, gaps, and challenges associated with Islamic Education in the region.

⇓ You can download the full report here.